March 24, 2023

BH Amps Bass Amps

Have you ever tried the fantastic BH Amps system for bass amplifiers?

The system was born from the immense passion for music and sound of its founder and creator Alberto Casagrande.

From his collaboration with many established musicians and bassists and with an engineer highly quoted in the area, the first passive speakers are born Bh Amps in various formats.

Then, lastly, the queen, the headboard, to complete a wide and varied range of efficient and lightweight speakers with surprising power and sound quality.

BH bass amplifiers: B for Big, H for House, BigHouse, a large common space designed specifically for the bass player of all kinds and styles; a space in which to share without any prejudice your ideas, your experiences, your passion for music!

bH Amps was born from the experience of a group of people who, in various capacities, have been working in this sector for over 30 years and who have made their passion their profession.

bH Amps is created to offer the traditional bass player, as well as the most modern, high quality products of new conception.

Electric bass, double bass, or other acoustic instrument – whatever your instrument, with bH Amps you will have a voice you’ve never heard before.

Working without preconceived notions, we have created a series of products inspired by a single sound: ours, hoping it will soon be yours!

For now Only Headboard and Speaker…

The bH Amps brand offers both traditional and modern bass players a range of unique and special products, different from what is already on the market, that guarantee excellent performance with both electric bass and double bass, as well as with other acoustic instruments.

The Drone bH Amps Series Bass Amps

Consisting of a line of new concept heads, born from an idea that we had clear in mind: to include in a single product the peculiarities of two people very dear to us, two great professionals, fundamental inspiration for our project.

The result is a line of heads with their own character, efficient, versatile and defined, always ready and balanced.

Never extreme, with a compact overall timbre, present, that does not suppress the dynamics even at low volume, and with filters able to quickly adapt to any situation without ever packing the sound.

The DRONE series heads are equipped with high quality components and are perfect for use with both electric bass and double bass, or other acoustic instrument.

The CLUB Series

Like the CLUB BH Amps Series Bass Amps (the perfect match for these headsets), every single head of the DRONE Series is the result of a great passion for this sector.

In addition to this, the project is the result of so much effort put into realizing what we had in mind, involving also some of our most experienced musician friends who have tried them in every situation, live and in the studio.

Whatever your choice, the DRONE Series (from which, we are sure, you will get great satisfaction) will accompany you faithfully in all your performances.

Good vibrations!

Drone D542H: The Headboard.

The DRONE D542H is the first head of the series, the first to be designed and on which the entire line of heads of the DRONE Series is based.

A preamplifier with high quality and oversized components, a high performance Class D power amp with 3-way selector to vary power and tone color and a high efficiency switching power supply that makes it usable in every part of our planet, the DRONE D542H includes all the characteristics of the DRONE Series.

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