March 24, 2023

Electric Guitar to Start Which one to Choose

Who has never dreamt of playing a guitar in front of thousands of screaming fans? We may not be able to make that dream come true for you, but we can certainly put the right guitar in your hands! This article includes information that can help you choose the electric guitar you need. However, please don’t hesitate to contact us about purchasing an electric guitar to get started, you can find all Musicarte’s contacts here.

Ever since music existed, instruments and woods have been related, and electric guitars make no difference. The woods used for electric guitars are lutherie woods. These woods are famous for having beautiful sounds and sustains when used for musical instruments. It is interesting to note that the wood itself acquires different characteristics depending on which part of the guitar is used. The woods listed below are the main ones that are used for electric guitars, but there are also others. And even though one guitar may have the same woods as another, it is possible that one sounds completely different.

Most commonly used woods for the guitar body

  • Alder: light weight and balanced sound;
  • Ash: large veins with a balanced sound, with great effect on transparent finishes;
  • Lime: light weight and warm suno, with many mids;
  • Mahogany: medium-heavy weight, very warm and with great sustain;
  • Maple: medium-heavy weight, very bright and always very sustaining.

Most used woods for electric guitar neck

  • Maple: dense, hard and solid, very resonant and very sustaining;
  • Mahogany: really warm and big sounding.

Most commonly used woods for the electric guitar keyboard

  • Maple: dense, hard, solid, smooth to play, brilliant and very sustain sound;
  • Rosewood: flows away pleasantly playing it and has a very warm sound;
  • Ebony: a very thick wood, very warm and with a long sustain.

To choose an electric guitar to start with, maybe think of the sound of the guitarist you’d like to have a similar sound. If you like the sound of Jimmy Page, point to a heavy wood guitar like mahogany and rosewood fingerboard that gives a very big sound, if you prefer a guitarist like Steve Vai choose for sure a lime-tree body and maple neck and you will have a fine and precise sound.

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