June 10, 2023

Finished School: Gift Ideas for Promotion

School is over and you don’t know what gift ideas to promote your child? Of course it depends on your budget and taste, but if your child loves music or wants to learn how to play an instrument, then here are some of our original gift ideas that will help him to cultivate this fantastic hobby.

Gift Ideas for Promotion

Do you see your child always wearing headphones in their ears? If you want to be safe, one of the most suitable gift ideas for promotion will surely be a pair of bluetooth headsets. With summer, heat and the desire to be outdoors, wireless headsets are practical and comfortable, and are becoming popular among the very young. Take a look at these NUMARK HF wireless headsets.

Or do you dream of being a rock star? The perfect promotion gift ideas are all in one package! The Guitar Starter Kit series was created to give all beginners the chance to have an instrument with features similar to the guitar models that made music history. Thanks to the excellent quality/price ratio, these inexpensive instruments can easily satisfy the idea and the desire to play. Starter kits like this EKO EG-11 Pack are aimed primarily at young budding musicians who want to have the taste of the sound of a real electric guitar right away.

For the little ones, from seven years of age down, there are also 3/4 electric guitar models available in reduced scale. Examples of this are the Squier models, a brand of the Fender family, such as the Squier Strat SS Pack available in various colors. These packs include a stratocaster guitar, an amplifier, cable, shoulder strap and pickups.

Year-End Gift to Pupils

If you’re looking for an end-of-year gift for rhythm-loving pupils who slam everywhere and never stand still, then you can think of an acoustic drum kit. There are junior batteries, batteries for children, such as Planet Baby, available in various colors and suitable from 2 years to about 7 years. Real wooden batteries with plates, rods and pedal included! Perfect both for starting to study the battery as a child, and for fun.

There is also the possibility for older children with the desire to experiment, to have batteries complete with plates, stools and rods from 370 Euro. For example, you can see this MAPEX Tornado complete with hardware and plates.

If you have a little girl who loves Winx, the Eko idea of Drum in a Box will make her happy. Inside the box there is a complete kit of percussion instruments suitable for small musicians. It contains a shoulder drum, a swing, a pair of maracas and egg shakers.

Gift Musical Keyboard

Gift musical keyboard: If your son’s dream is to become a little Mozart, then you can’t help but have a keyboard at home. Digital keyboards for children offer all young apprentices the tools they need to let their imagination run wild and play their first melodies. Here is a Medeli MC37A that includes power supply and case.

If you like to go to concerts and you don’t want to miss this opportunity to go with your son, then you can’t help but give him insulating headphones… Sure it’s a less effective gift, but it’s very useful to protect your child’s hearing!

Finally, starting to play an instrument and feeding this fantastic hobby is always nice and positive for growth. What better occasion than promotion to give your child a musical instrument? We remind you that from Musicarte you can buy with installment payment at zero rate and give in exchange your used. Or contact us for information.

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