March 24, 2023

Keyboard Arranger

Keyboard arranger what is it? Which model to choose?

If you want to play a song on your own with and have an accompaniment, a keyboard arranger could be right for you. With an arranger keyboard you can easily select a style and start playing, the arranger will follow the chord played with the left hand or a simple note of the right hand. Among the main brands you can find Korg, Yamaha, Roland, Medeli.

Keyboard Arranger What it is

There are so many different instruments but what is an arranger keyboard? It’s an instrument that allows you to be a real one man band. Depending on the song you want to play, the arranger keyboard is able to follow and accompany you. Maybe a chord of g begins to play, at this point you can hear the accompaniment generated by the instrument itself. Continue with other chords of king and minor, and here is ready for example a famous song like Knocking on Heaven’s Door. Actually you’re playing alone but it’s as if you had a real band with you. Your arranger keyboard is accompanying you as if it were a group of musicians, guitarists, bassists, drummers able to adapt to the rhythm and tonality, thanks to the preset styles. With MIDI connectivity you can also see the lyrics of the song you’re playing.

Professional Arranger Keyboards

There are different models with 61 or 76 keys and they can have up to 88 keys. Some models can have integrated speakers, other connections for external speakers. Professional keyboards like the Korg Kronos, the best arranger 2016 keyboard, which in addition to its advanced technology has a weighted keyboard and a refined aesthetics with side panels in sunburst wood. In addition to the top of the range models you can still find more affordable models, among keyboards arranger Roland you can think for example of the model BK3, which still has sounds, rhythms and music assistant quality, and Roland Wireless Connect technology for wireless communication with iPhone and iPad.

Used Arranger Keyboards

Among the new 2019 music keyboards is the KORG PA 1000. But if you don’t want to invest in a new model from Musicarte you can find a selection of used keyboards, all checked and covered by a one-year warranty. You can also buy with installment payment at zero rate and giving in exchange your used. Contact the audio department now to find out more.

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