March 24, 2023

Korg PA300

Korg Pa300 Keyboard Arranger: when convenience and high performance are perfectly harmonized in a single instrument.

The Korg Pa300 is the Entry Level model of the Pa-Series arrangers. It has a 61-key dynamic keyboard, Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound generation. It also has an extensive PCM library with 950 sounds and 64 PCM Drum Kits, with the ability to use personal samples as well.

There are 310 programmable 8-track automatic accompaniments with: 3 Intros/Endings, 4 Variations, 4 Fill In + Break, 8 Favorite banks and 3 Users. All sounds can be edited and processed by 4 Stereo effects with 125 different types of FX. The use of this tool is particularly clear and intuitive thanks to its user interface based on a 5″ TFT TouchView color display and an extensive control panel.

Korg Pa300 in Brief

Korg Pa300 Keyboard Arranger Entry Level Pa Series. Dynamic keyboard 61 keys, Enhanced Real eXp generation, 950 sounds, 64 Drum Kits PCM; 310 Factory Styles, 8 Favorites and 3 Users. 5″ TFT TouchView color display, 4 Stereo Effects 125 types, Player: Midi Files, .Kar, and MP3, Lyrics display, Compact Design, 13x2W+BassReflex internal amplification.

In addition to the Style Pa300 has an internal player that can play the most popular music files such as: Midi Files, “Kar”, and MP3, displaying their text on the Display, in the main formats such as the: ā€œ+Gā€œ (graphic), Text Viewer and Score. Functionally this arranger has a compact design, with a sturdy but lightweight plastic body, which makes it particularly easy to transport, and also houses the efficient internal amplifier system with 13 x 2W power and Bass Reflex. Normally an Entry Level instrument would be expected to have limited performance, and reduced sound quality, i.e. with less dynamics, a bit more swoosh, etc.

Enhanced RX and TouchView

Pa300 is the latest Arranger Workstation in the Pa series, the most renowned and appreciated in the international musicians’ community.

This new keyboard features an Enhanced RX (Real eXperience) sound generation system, with a huge PCM library, over 950 sounds and 64 Drum Kits.

It has a sleek design, with plastic cabinets and high quality built-in amplification.

The user interface is based on a 5″ TFT TouchView colour display, combined with extremely intuitive graphics and control panel.

More than 310 Factory Styles, (3 Intros/Endings, 4 variations, 4 Fill In + Break) are already on board. Plus 8 Favorites and 3 User Banks.

Enhanced Guitar Mode 2 adds incredible realism to the accompanying guitar parts.

The player allows you to play Standard Midi Files, .Kar, and MP3 audio files, while also displaying popular Lyrics formats such as “+G”. (graphic), Text Viewer and Score.

4 Stereo Master effects with 125 types of effects enrich the sound of the instrument, while the SongBook and Search function provide incredible support for your live performances.

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