March 24, 2023

Mono M80 Acoustic Jumbo

Great guitars deserve great protection, which is why the new MONO M80 Acoustic Jumbo has been designed with distinctive features. So features recognized by the musicians of

the whole world. An absolute must for guitarists who own one (or more) jumbo acoustic guitars. This new Mono Acoustic Jumbo case is the ultimate case, ready for anything that brings you life!

Mono M80 Acoustic Jumbo 360° PROTECTION

The patented Headlock design firmly holds the guitar’s headstock suspended inside the case, stabilizing it during transport and protecting it from side and rear impacts. Traumas that might otherwise break the neck in two! High-density foam bumpers inside the case help deflect shocks outside and around the bottom of the guitar, away from the shoulder strap attachment. Integrated ABS panels provide protection equivalent to a hard case but at a fraction of its weight, and the reinforced outer case shell absorbs and deflects shocks from vulnerable areas of the instrument.

Built To Last

Like all other MONO cases, the M80 Jumbo is built according to military specifications, using materials tested and 100% animal-free, with extreme resistance to the elements and all travel conditions. The water-resistant Sharkskin shell allows you to move in any weather, while the soft fleece lining protects the delicate finishes of the guitar. Durable industrial textured handles such as rock are standard on MONO cases. Contrasting stitching and steel rivets provide additional reinforcement, while the high weave

quality offers an extremely comfortable grip at all times. Ergonomic straps and mesh padding provide perfect support for the back, while YKK zippers offer greater reliability in the long run. The lower sole and contours of the durable Hypalon case, the same industrial rubber used to create inflatable military rafts, ensure exceptional durability.

Intelligent Integrated Storage

The Mono M80 Jumbo features special compartments to store your equipment right where you need it, while the hidden top pocket can invisibly hold your wallet, keys, etc.

and the smartphone. This case also comes with triple D-rings, making it 100% compatible with The Tick 2.0, the Mono modular accessory case that connects seamlessly to the case and extends storage capacity like no other product.

Fits Like a Glove on Your Guitar!

This case has been specially designed for the most popular jumbo acoustic guitars, such as the Gibson SJ-200 and Taylor Grand Orchestra.

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