March 24, 2023

Nord Keyboards: History and Opinions

It all began in 1983 when Hans Nordelius, the founder of Nord Keyboards, created the Digital Percussion Plate 1. The first drum pad that allowed you to play with sampled sounds. An immediate success and soon the DDRUM brand was introduced, becoming very popular among people. This was the start of a long journey driven by curiosity, obsession, and dedication to the love of music, producing musical keyboards such as Lead, Stage, Piano and many other models.

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Nord Stage

In 1995 Clavia built her first synthesizer, the Nord Lead. Her analogue synth emulation system, combined with a personal sound and intuitive user interface, made her an icon. Magnus Kjellander joined Clavia in 1996 bringing with him a new approach to the company in terms of software development. The Nord Modular introduced in 1997 was the first modular digital synth, perhaps the most versatile and innovative ever on the market.

2001 was the year of the first Nord Electro, which allowed the emulation of classic electromechanical instruments with a level of portability never seen before for the original models.

The Nord Stage came to light in 2005, combining many of Clavia’s new areas of interest into one. Acoustic and electric piano sounds, organ emulations, effects and even synthesizers.

The Nord C1 Combo Organ is also from 2005, with the second generation of oscillator sound modelling, rotating speaker simulation, dual keyboards and a surprisingly light weight of 15kg. Nord Wave took the Nord Lead model to a new level in 2007 with its ability to use any audio file as a source of oscillation in a virtually analog environment, all in a compact product with a simple user interface.

In 2008 Nord Electro 3 and the exclusive Mellotron and Chamberlin licensed sound were introduced. The Electro 3 became the most successful product ever made by the company.

North Floor

In 2010, Nord Piano, a lightweight flat stage with advanced string resonance and three-pedal support including Pedal Noise, joined the offering.

Nord Stage 2 was first released at NAMM in 2011, presenting a new synth section with a library of accompanying sounds, more memory, organ simulation C2 and Nord Piano Pedal Noise. This model has placed the highest bar on the standard of how a piano stage should be. 2012 was a very productive year for Nord, when they released the CD2, their first physical modeling organ. In addition, the Nord Electro 4 joined the family, with the popular CD2 oscillator system. Finally, the Nord Piano 2, which allowed the division and superimposition of sounds taken from the library.

In 2013 Nord celebrated its 30th anniversary as a manufacturer of musical instruments by presenting the Nord Lead 4, Nord Drum 2, Nord Pad and Nord Piano 2 HP. At NAMM in 2014 it was Nord Lead A1, an award-winning analog synt. In 2015 it was the turn of Nord Electro 5, the re-edition of a classic and the first model with a large OLED display. In addition, a top model such as the Nord Stage 2 EX has been updated adding twice as much memory, and then the new model HP76.

Used Nord Keyboards

In 2018 the new Nord Electro 6 model is coming out, but if the new products are not a choice that interests you at the moment, please note that at Musicarte you may also find used Nord keyboards.

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