June 11, 2023

Suhr Electric Guitars: Discover History and Models

Suhr electric guitars seek to inspire a passion for music and artistic creativity, they are handcrafted guitars of excellent workmanship. The best possible quality, attention to detail, ear for sound, love of music.

John Suhr’s vision is to produce the best musical instruments. Starting with experienced craftsmen, advanced technologies, and collaborators who work hard and love what they do. One of the strengths of Suhr guitars are the people. A small group focused on satisfying the musical tastes of musicians who want to be recognized.

John started his career 35 years ago in New Jersey. Driven by the search for the perfect sound when he was playing in bars with his band, he started building his instruments. In the early 80’s John started working for Rud Pensa in his New York shop. It was during this period that Pensa Suhr guitars were produced for Knopfler, Clapton, Frampton, Little Steven and many others.

After becoming a master builder at the Fender Custom Shop with clients such as Michael Landau, Scott Henderson, and Peter Frampton, he realizes his dream. John Suhr opened his own small factory in 1997 making guitars to order. Finally having total control over the entire manufacturing process.

Suhr Classic Pro Electric Guitars

If you’re looking for an electric guitar that sounds like a Classic Antique, but without the antiqued effect, Suhr Classic Pro electric guitars are the answer. This model combines vintage design with modern enhancements, the result is an instrument capable of producing the historic sounds of legendary guitars while maintaining the build quality, and features you expect from a Suhr.

The Suhr Classic Pro has a maple neck with the option of a maple or Indian rosewood fingerboard. The neck is painted and finished with satin acrylic urethane.

The body shape of these Suhr guitars is the standard vintage profile seen from whole genres, with a neck heel that allows easy access on all keys.

Suhr Modern Pro

The Suhr Modern Pro model represents Suhr’s point of view on what a 24-key guitar should look like. Slim handle with elliptical profile, balanced asymmetrical body, innovative neck heel that provides playability and comfort. The flamed maple top is available in several transparent finishes that enhance its natural beauty.

The Suhr Modern Pro features a maple neck with maple or Pau Ferro keyboards. The neck has a satin acrylic urethane finish, which allows it to be both soft to the touch on natural wood and to be protected from moisture.

The shape of the asymmetrical body is perfectly balanced with the neck’s 24-key fretboard. Fast, thin and pleasing to the eye.

Suhr Pickups

The Suhr SS Humbucker pickups are among the most popular. The SS, i.e. Single Screw, are pickups that represent the warm sound of a vintage humbucker but add transparency and definition and output width.

The SSV bridge and neck pickups have a wide sound with little compression, to have a lot of dynamics. The new SSV neck pickup is versatile while the bridge pickup has the same characteristics, but with more turns more turns can have more output, increasing sustain and with a smoother response on the mid frequencies.

The Suhr V70 pickups are reminiscent of the days when concert stages were full of elephant’s paw and amps stacked on top of each other. Ideal to have that sound that comes from the fusion of blues with hard rock that has created many of those riffs and solos that have remained in history. Each V70 pickup is handmade, carefully wrapped using an original winding technique.

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